News - 06/04/2020

2020 iPhone SE is almost here, seemingly


Take a moment and forget about iPhone 9. Even more possibly forget a mid-April launch. Apple’s new 4.7-inch refreshed lower-cost Phone looks like it might be out very soon. In this article we show you a bunch of details that have been revealed.



  • We expect 2019’s iPhone 11 internals in an iPhone 7/8 shell. This most likely with a 4.7-inch display and not the 5.5-inch which we see on the iPhone 7/8 Plus.
  • There are suggested storage options at 64GB/128GB/256GB, and three colors: black, white and Apple’s charitable red.
  • It is expected to come with the A13 processor from the current iPhone 11, which is now two generations newer than the iPhone 8’s A11 chip.
  • The new iPhone we have been waiting for, dubbed iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9, will actually still just be called the iPhone SE.
  • There will be Touch ID still the only way to authenticate, no Face ID.


The one major element we don’t know is pricing. But we think 2020 iPhone SE should cost around 41,000 shillings in Kenya. Check out Apple smartphones archive by following this link.

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