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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

Computers are meant to improve our work productivity and reduce the time needed for doing long,boring and repetitive tasks. Choosing the best laptop or desktop can be a very difficult process at times if you don’t know what exactly your looking for. Some people look for performance, others look for prices,others want the latest gaming PC in the market and others its the brand.We all have different reasons as to why we need a laptop or a desktop.Here are 5 things to check out for before getting one.


A processor is the “Brain” of the computer, it controls the working of both hardware and software. It performs arithmetical, logical, input/output (I/O) and other basic instructions that are important for providing a smooth user experience.

If you are a high-end user and you want the best performance then a laptop running Intel Core i7 processor would be the best choice for you. If you are on a budget then a laptop thats powered by Intel Core i3 will be the best option. I would recommend a laptop thats powered by a Core i5 processor since its the best of both worlds.

As you move up from Core i3,i5,i7 and finally to i9 is the more power you get and the more expensive the processors get.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is mostly used to temporarily store or hold information but once the computer is turned off all information is lost. The more Ram a computer has the more different tasks it can be able to handle(multitasking), this tasks range from running documents, watching videos,browsing the Internet and any other software. Having a computer that has 4GB of RAM is good for normal daily usage but if your a heavy user then 8GB of RAM and above is the bettet option.

Storage Space 

Having enough storage space is very critical in our daily normal operations from storing documents,to photos,to videos or any other content.Having a large storage space can influence your effectiveness in your work. There are two types for storages:

  • Hard disk (HDD)

The hard disk drive is the main data storage hardware device in a computer. The traditional hard disk consists of a spinning disk that reads/writes data and information. The hard drive is capable of storing more data than any other storage drive and the size can vary depending on the cost and availability.The best storage size to have is from 500 GB but i recommend getting a laptop thats from 1 TB and above.

  • Solid State Drive (SSD)

An SSD in simple terms is a much better hard disk. The main advantage with SSD’s is that it does not have moving/spinning parts for writing and reading data instead it uses NAND flash memory, which is relatively stable and can access data much faster than HDDs but its quite expensive. An SSD improves the speed at which files are transfered and helps in booting up of the computer much faster than a hard disk. SSD’s sizes ranges from 120GB to upto 2TB or above.



If you are a gamer,video editor,animator or do any graphics related work then you should consider GPUs (graphics processing unit).GPU’s enhance how videos are displayed, how 2D and 3D graphics are rendered, they are even used to mine cryptocurrencies and alot more. The best graphics cards currently are the NVIDIA graphics card specifically the GTX  family or AMD Radeon graphics.

Screen Resolution 

Screen Resolution is basically the number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a given display. Screens range from smartphones,TV’s,monitors or any form of device that can display information. The more the pixels an object has the more information is displayed or presented.

Screen resolutions have different naming and values attached to them the most common ones are:

(HD- High Definition, FHD-Full High Definition, QHD-Quad High Definition, UHD- Ultra high definition)

  • HD 1280 by 720
  • FHD 1920 by 1080
  • QHD 2560 by 1440
  • UHD 4K 3840 by 2160
  • UHD 8K 7680 by 4320


I hope you have learned a few things on what to look for when buy a computer, it can be a difficult process but i hope with those few things in mind you will have somewhere to start.

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What are some of the things that you consider before buying a computer? Let us know down in the comments below.

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