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Latest Airtel Kenya data bundles offers 2020


Airtel bundles offers 2020

Airtel kenya has been known for offering irresistible data offers and now they have 4G what more can i say. This are the Latest Airtel kenya data bundles prices as of 12th Aug 2020:

Daily Airtel bundles offers 2020

Daily 100 MB1 day of validityKSh 10
Daily 300 MB1 day of validityKSh 20
Daily 500 MB1 day of validityKSh 50
Daily 3 GB1 day of validityKSh 99

Weekly Airtel bundles offers 2020

Weekly 350 MB7 days of validityKSh 50
Weekly 750 MB7 days of validityKSh 100
Weekly 2.5 GB7 days of validityKSh 250
Weekly 6 GB7 days of validityKSh 500

Monthly Airtel bundles offers 2020

Monthly 3 GB 30 days of validityKSh 300
Monthly 5 GB 30 days of validityKSh 500
Monthly 12 GB 30 days of validityKSh 1000
Monthly 20 GB 30 days of validityKSh 1500
Monthly 30 GB 30 days of validityKSh 2000
Monthly 50 GB30 days of validityKSh 3000

90 Day bundles offers 2020

25 GB 90 days of validityKSh 3000
55 GB 90 days of validityKSh 6000
90 GB 90 days of validityKSh 9000

To buy Airtel data bundles, you can use any of these methods.

  1. Dial *544# on your phone
  2. Download MyAirtelApp and use it to buy bundles

You can buy your desired Airtel kenya data bundle by Dailing *544# on your smartphone to get the latest data offers from Airtel Kenya.

On Internet bundles customers have the choice of selection:

  • One time bundle
  • Auto renewal bundles

Check out the latest data offers for safaricom or telkom kenya

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