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3 things to know when buying a smartphone in 2020

Buying a smartphone in 2020 ?

Smartphones have become very important in our daily lives,from calling to texting to browsing to sharing. With the rise of new smartphones offering some of the best features and ranging in different prices, you might be left in a place where you don’t know which smartphone is right for you.

         What brand are you holding in your hand?

There are a lot of smartphone brands and all of those brands want you to buy their smartphones. Some brands speak for themselves which is a good and a bad thing while some other brands are yet to be known. Some of the well known brands are Apple, Samsung, Tecno, Nokia, Huawei,Xiaomi etc and each year they bring new smartphones with new improvements and new features hoping that you will spend even more. I believe its better to try out different brands so that you can have different varieties when it comes to phones. Apple has great iPhones ,Samsung has different galaxies, Nokia has tanks. Try different brands in different years to see what makes each one stand out.

           How much are you willing to spend?

So to be clear there are High end smartphones,Mid range smartphones and Low end smartphones . All this classes offer different phones and brands and depending with how much you are willing to spend,you can go as high as $1000 and to as low $100. Something to note is that phone prices usually depreciate with time in different rates so its not a crime buying a phone that came out last year.

          What are you looking out for?

Some people buy phones because of the camera,others because its the latest flagship phone in the market, others choose not to upgrade since there is almost no difference between the current phone and the new one. Know what you are after when buying a phone for,me i usually go for the Ram, storage and how often the phone manufacture will provide security updates for the phone.

If your considering buying a smartphone in 2020 this are some of the latest flagship phones  The Oneplus 6, Nokia Sirroco ,Huawei P20 Pro

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