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Don’t do this to your Smartphone

With the advances in the world of smartphones, the devices have become much more resistant and safe than in the past. This does not mean, however, that users of these phones do not have to be careful when using them: buying a pirate charger, abusing water protection, and giving up the protective caps can make all the investment in the device go down – literally , in some cases. Whether advanced or basic model, keeping it in good condition is key to extending its useful life for much longer.

Here are some precautions you should take to avoid damaging your smartphone or even causing health risks.

Chargers remain one of the most fragile of mobile phones and often need to be replaced. Because the originals are often expensive, users often opt for pirated versions, much cheaper. The problem is that since these devices are not approved and probably have not been designed for your smartphone, they can cause irreversible damage to the battery or even cause fires, as has already occurred.

In these cases, the ideal is to give preference to chargers and cables made by the manufacturer itself or those original and compatible, which are also certified and cost less. Original chargers are always the safest option for the cell phone.

2. Disregard the limits of water protection.

The IP67 and IP68 certifications are the guarantees that smartphones are resistant to water and dust. This means, in practice, that certified appliances can be submerged in water for a specific depth and time. With the IP67, for most current iPhones , for example, cell phones can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Already with the IP68, present in Galaxy S9 , the depth increases to 1.5 meters. Exceeding the limits can cause serious damage to the device and possibly make it totally inoperable.

3. Knock it down or drop it.

Many current smartphones are already out of the factory with glasslining . Despite the more sophisticated material, the devices end up being much more fragile than the metal ones, for example. The display is what most should be protected: today it represents the most expensive item in the phone. It is recommended that if you are part of the group that drops smartphones very often, invest in protection hoods, especially of silicone, and also in protective films.

4. Leaving the phone in the same pocket as the keys or coins.

As much as Gorilla Glass protections and similar protections have progressed, smartphones can still be scratched and shattered. Therefore, it is very important not to place the device in the same pocket as the keys: these metal items are unbeatable to scratch or even totally destroy the device’s screen, especially if there is some kind of stronger impact in the pocket. Despite the advances of the Gorilla Glass, glass film is still the best way to protect the screen from scratches

5. Exposing the appliance to heat.

Excessive heat is another master at causing damage to smartphones. Forgetting the phone inside the car or leaving it directly in the sun can ruin several internal components, causing some of them to stop working. In the case of LCD screens , it is still possible for the liquid crystal to leak and leave black dots on the display. It is recommended to check the maximum temperature supported in the manual and always keep it at a compatible temperature. Keeping the smartphone in the sun can cause irreversible damage to the internal components and the screen

6. Installing apps from untrusted sources.

At a time of multiple scandals involving data theft, you have to be aware of installed applications. Apps from untrusted sources, such as those that are not available at the official operating system store, can be the gateway to various malware, malicious software created by hackers to cause some damage, change, or theft of information. The care must be redoubled in Android , a system that has historically experienced more threats. Give preference to applications in the operating system store

7. Using public /free /open Wi-Fi networks.

Open Wi-Fi networks are taking care of various public spaces, such as malls, squares and even some means of transport, as they help to save on the data franchise. Fans of this practice should pay attention to the fact that not all networks are reliable. Criminals can monitor visited websites, typed passwords and even gain access to their bank details. The ideal is to use some VPN for protection .


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