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How to fix a slow computer

Simple ways on how to fix a slow computer.

Why is my computer so slow? Thats the question i get asked a lot. A slow computer is very annoying since it slows down work and productivity alot. At times you will need to send an email or open a document and it takes ages for your browser or office application to open up.Its very frustrating to wait on more than 30 seconds for a program to start. How we use our computers determines the performance and the life of the computer. Here are some of the most common reasons why your computer is slowing down.

Too many unnecessary programs.

Having a lot of programs running in your computer is not bad but do you really need all of them if you are only using a handful. The thing is programs do consume memory,space and resources in your computer. So before installing a software in your computer always ask yourself is it something that you are going to use daily or you will only use it once and leave it. Its better to have program installers standby than to install the software and only use it once. In order to access the installed programs on your windows PC go to:

  • Search and look for control panel
  • Click on programs then uninstall a program

Form there you will have access to programs installed on your computer and you can remove the ones you don’t need.

How to fix a slow computer

Having alot of programs running at startup.

Alot of softwares nowadays are designed to run in the background without the need of opening them. Programs autostarting is a feature that many people never bother to uncheck when installing a software.When you start your computer there is competition of programs auto starting which causes the system to slow down significantly. The good thing is,you can stop specific apps form auto starting thus increasing your boot time. To do that:

  1. Right click on your taskbar.
  2. look for task manager and open it.
  3. Then click on startup.
  4. Or you can search for taskmanager in the search bar.

You can choose to disable or enable the apps you need based on how important they are.By disabling your not deleting your only stopping it form automatically starting when you boot your computer.

How to fix a slow computer

You don’t restart your computer.

Most of the times when your done using your computer you will just switch of the monitor or if its a laptop you will close the lid. This causes the computer to sleep and the next time that you will be using it,you will just resume from where you left of which is a good thing.But it is important you be restarting your computer inorder to prevent slowdown issues.

By restarting your computer the following things take place:

  • Your computer memory is freed.
  • Temporary files get deleted.
  • Updates gets installed.
  • All the resource consuming background tasks are killed of.
  • Unresponsive programs get restarted afresh.

May be its time to upgrade Your Hardware.

If your computer still is slowing you down,its time you give it a hardware upgrade. Upgrading the RAM usually does the trick and switching from a Hard drive to a solid state drive(SSD) also helps in boosting computer performance.

It might buy time to buy a new PC

If your computer is too old to handle your current demands then its time to get a new one. With advancement in technology computers are becoming cheap yet powerful.


If  you want your computer to last for a long time you will need to take care of it.

Let us know down in the comments on some of the ways you deal with slow computers

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