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How to set up a Zoom meeting Account


The importance of the Zoom Meetings app is absolutely necessary for many users around the world who run their business from home. We share this article with you how to start the application and create a new account and the correct way to set it up.

First of all, how to set up the Zoom Meetings app

Before starting to use this application we must first set it up correctly, i.e. create a new account, download the required applications, and observe some basic settings.

To create a new account, we must visit the login page first for the Zoom application, then follow the instructions that appear on the screen, and we will then have to enter the work email address and activate the personal account through the link that is sent to us via e-mail, and then add the name and word Private pass, so that we can then start using the app.

The next step is to download the corresponding applications for the device used, whether it is a laptop, an Android phone, or even an iOS phone, in case you want to attend the meetings while doing other work.

Noting that we can join a specific meeting via a computer without downloading the application, but using the browser.

However, downloading the application will be the best way to get all the features due to the limited browser features.

To update your personal information, you must first add a personal photo, as it will appear later to the rest of the work members during the meeting (when camera operation is disabled), and to do this we have to go to the profile page, and click on the ” Change ” button at the top until we then upload the personal photo Which we prefer.

Then we can scroll on the profile page to make sure the time and other things are set up correctly.

Finally, we have to open the Zoom application on the computer in order to set the camera to turn on and off or to turn the microphone on by default when starting the meeting, as we find these things available to set them appropriately in the application’s webpage.

How can we do that?

  • We first open the application and log in, then click on the icon in the top right, (below the profile picture) and then go to settings
  • Then we click on the ” Video ” option to turn on or off the video when attending the meetings.
  • Then we have to press ” Voice ” in the left column to play it or mute it as well.
  • Then these changes will be saved automatically, so that we can then close the window.

Perhaps it is better to follow these steps before starting the first meeting of the work, in addition to more other options that we can change of course, as appropriate.

How to use the Zoom app features

In fact, it would be better to attend a real meeting to learn about the features of the Zoom application, by opening the application on the laptop and clicking on the “New Meeting” button, and thus the meeting will actually start, enabling us to get to know the features further and adjust them in the appropriate way.

First turn on or off the camera or microphone

Zoom contains the camera and microphone controls in the left-hand menu of the application, and we only need to select one to enable or disable it, with the preference of keeping the microphone turned off to avoid any of the things that might disturb the rest of the meeting members.

Mute the other participants

This feature is only available to the host (the person who started the meeting), as the host can silence the sound of any of the meeting members to avoid disturbing others, by turning off the user’s microphone, and this is done by clicking on “Manage participants” in the bar Tasks and then click on the “Mute” button that appears as soon as you choose one of the participants’ names.

Participate in the meeting

You can participate in speaking with the host by actually raising your hand, for the host to notice you and allow you to speak or ask questions, which prevents the participating people from speaking at the same time, and to do that we select the “participants” option from the taskbar and then click on the “hand raise” option, Below the menu that appears on the right side of the app.

Record the meeting

Of course, this app can record the meeting, and this feature is necessary for some to enable them to check and review the meeting again later.

To start recording, we have to click on the “Register” button in the taskbar, noting that it is possible to save the recordings on a personal computer or even a cloud, although it will not be available for free viewing again (a paid feature), and this feature is managed from Just before the host.

Talk to colleagues

This application contains a feature that allows users to talk and chat with the rest of the meeting members or even ask questions and express an opinion during the meeting period, by pressing the “chat” button on the taskbar, to write the message afterwards on the bar that appears aside and then press “Enter “To send the message to all team members by default, we also have the option to send it to a specific person so that he can see it alone.

We can send the message to a specific person in the meeting by choosing their name, from the drop-down menu above the field available for writing.

Screen sharing

Zoom also supports the ability to share the screen, as it is a very important tool in attending meetings that relate to work, and to get this option you must press the ” screen sharing ” option on the taskbar.

How to join a specific meeting

The process of joining a specific interview or meeting is an easy thing that can be done simply by any device, so this can be done by sharing the communication link between the host and the user and you only need to click on the link to run the application and connect you to the members of the meeting.

The host can also share an ID number with the users, which consists of nine numbers, and thus we can access the meeting in this way by opening the application and then clicking on the ” Join ” button and writing the previous number and then clicking on ” Join the meeting “.

In some cases, you will be prompted to type a password.

The third way to join is to call one of the phone numbers listed in the invitation to attend the meeting, and this seems to be a good thing for users who do not use the Internet all the time.

All we need to complete this method is to verify the phone number of the meeting host in the sent email.

How to set up meetings in the Zoom app

In fact, the easiest way to set up interviews and meetings with Zoom is to open the application on the device, and then click on “ New Interviews ” so that we have two options either by clicking on the setup icon in the upper-left corner (next to the lock signal) and copying the link or ID number, and then Share it with the rest of the team in any different chat ways so that the rest of the members can join the meeting by clicking on the link or opening the app and typing the ID number.

The second option is to click on the “ Invite ” option in the taskbar, to select the members we would like to invite to the meeting from the contacts and then the application will send an email to these people to include the meeting link, the ID number, and some numbers that members can call to join the meeting using the phone.

We can also schedule interviews with Google Calendar, by opening the Zoom app, clicking on “ Schedule ” and filling out the mandatory fields available including the date and time field for the meeting, after which they will be automatically transferred to the Google Calendar website, so we can add members, and re- Verify all that has been missed, and then click on ” Save “, then we will select the “Send” option, and then the participating members will receive an email containing all the required details.

How to end a meeting in the Zoom app

There are already two options available to end the meeting by the host, and each of them appears when the host clicks on the “Interview ended” option, in the lower left of the application, and the first option is to choose “End the interview for all”, which removes all participating members from the meeting, either The second option is ” Leave the meeting ” that allows the host to leave alone from the meeting.

In the event that you are a regular user and a secondary member of the meeting, then the application also provides you with the option to ” leave the meeting ” to be able to leave the meeting when choosing it.

However, if the host chooses the “End Interview for All” option, then you will not need to click on the option to leave the meeting as you exit the meeting automatically.

We have covered all aspects of the Zoom app, the majority of features, settings and other key things that we need to know before starting to use the app.

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