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How to view WhatsApp Status anonymously

If you have been trying to find out on how to look at someones WhatsApp Status without being seen, well it is possible with a few steps. By default, the messenger records who viewed the photos and videos in the Status.

A simple adjustment, however, allows you to view the images anonymously, without the person who posted knowing. The trick, which is available in the apps for iPhone ( iOS ) and Android , it is useful for anyone who wants to use the application with more privacy.

On android

  • Step 1. Access the WhatsApp settings. To do this, touch the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen, and go to “Settings“. Then open “Account“;
  • Step 2. Touch “Privacy” and finally slide the screen to the end and turn off the “Read Receipts” option.

On the iPhone

  • Step 1. Open WhatsApp and touch “Settings” in the lower right corner of the screen. In the app settings, tap “Account” and open “Privacy
  • Step 2. Finally, scroll to the end and turn off the “Read Receipts” option.

Take advantage of those tips to see the Status of your contacts without them discovering. It is worth remembering that the setting disables the blue tick and you will not be able to know when your messages have been read. If you want, you can activate the receipt or read receipt again after viewing the desired Statuses.

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