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HTC U12 Plus

More Sensitive and No Buttons.

The HTC U12 Plus is the latest flagship smartphone form the Taiwanese company, HTC Corporation. HTC is known for coming with eye caching innovations, and the HTC U12 Plus does not disappoint as well. The HCT U12 Plus is a high-performance phone thats meant to take on the likes of Google Pixel 2XL, iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. HTC decide to release the U12 plus as its only flagship phone in 2018 so dont expect the U12 as they did with last years  U11 and U11+.

HTC U12 Plus comes with impressive specs and disappointing features.


Display6.0 inch 18:9 Quad HD+ display
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 845
Storage64/128 GB of storage (expandable via microSD)
Rear camera12MP + 16MP main camera with high quality zoom
Front camera8MP+8MP dual front camera with natural Bokeh


First the HTC U12 plus is not part of the notch family instead it comes with a 6-inch quadruple HD resolution screen and has an 18:9 aspect ratio and a 2,880 x 1,440 pixel resolution. The screen fits quite well on the phone with barely any bezels to the left and right of the screen. The phone has two front-facing cameras as well and comes with a USB Type-C charging port at the bottom with a speaker grill next to it but sadly the headphone jack is gone. The phone glass design makes it slippery so having a case will prevent a accidental droops.

The back of the phone looks slightly less interesting.The arrangement of the dual camera, the flash and the fingerprint scanner appears as if no thought was given in the design process of the back of the phone.The phone is IP68 dust- and water-resistance making it a solid phone to have in all weather conditions.It comes in three color options; translucent blue, flame red, and ceramic black. The translucent blue reveals the complex internal circuitry below the case, which is an eye-catching feature. Check out the color comparison from android authority.

Lets talk about the elephant in the room, EDGE SENSE 2 with is the most controversial element of the HTC U12+’s design. Edge Sense lets you squeeze the sides of the phone to activate various functions, this feature was first introduced in the HTC U11 and now it has even been improved on the U12 plus.

The first thing that you should know is that,the power and volume keys aren’t actually clickable buttons, they’re pressure-sensitive areas on the side that activate when pressed down.

This radical change has brought about a lot of problems for many users, according to Android central and other reviewers this are some of the consistent issues.

  • Inconsistent sensitivity across the three keys. The power key is generally more sensitive than the volume keys, which sometimes require an unreasonably strong press to register.
  • Noticeable lag when turning on the screen or adjusting the volume.
  • The required amount of pressure seems to vary – sometimes you have to press firmly to achieve the desired effect.
  • The Phone registers a squeeze when it is being held, even being held lightly.

According to Android central ,HTC will provide a firmware update that will refine the button sensitivity and fine-tune Edge Sense. Despite the issues mentions Edge Sense 2 comes with some pretty impressive features like:

  • The one-handed mode which is activated by double-tapping on either side of the phone triggering the screen to shrink into a manageable size.
  • Smart rotate keeps the screen the way you want it, even when lying down.
  • A Simple squeeze on your phone will take photos, launch voice assistants and any other short cuts available


When it comes to performance this phone is an absolute beast, it ready to take on every flagship phone in the market currently. The phone comes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor clocked at 2.8GHz and packed with 6GB of RAM. This phone comfortably take on heavy games/apps with ease, multitask without lagging,Apps open quickly and scrolling feels fluid.

The HTC U12 Plus does not disappoint when it comes to shear performance.

The phone runs on Android 8.0 Oreo which is a bit disappointing considering Android 8.1 is the latest.The phone has a 3,500mAh battery, which is slightly larger than its predecessor and supports quick charge. Despite having such a huge battery in paper the battery might not last a whole due to the massive screen it has and sadly the phone does not support wireless charging despite having a glass back.The integrated speaker system is loud and clear. The phone comes with either 64GB or 128GB of storage that is expandable to upto 2TB via a microSD.


On the front, you have a dual camera setup each offering 8-megapixels, one has a wide aperture of f/1.75 and the other has a pixel size of 1.4um. One of the cameras is used to blur the background in portrait mode.On the back you get a 12-megapixel lens with f/1.75 aperture, and a 16-megapixel lens with f/2.6 aperture. The secondary lens adds 2x optical zoom and Portrait Mode. HTC U12 camera is not the best camera but it is in the top league.


The HTC U12 Plus is available for pre-order at HTC.com and Amazon for $799 the 64GB model and $849 for the 128GB model.

Full review by Android central

HTC U12 Plus offers great performance but the issues brought by edge scene cant be ignored either. If you are a HTC fan then U12 Plus is the flagship phone to have but it is hard recommending this phone considering you can buy the Oneplus 6 at a much cheaper price without compromising performance or even the Pixel 2 XL or the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Let us know down in the comments what you think of the HTC U12 Plus

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HTC U12 Plus
Design 70%
Performance 80%
Software 75%
Camera 80%
Battery 85%
64 %

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