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Infinix Note 7 price in Kenya and features

Infinix Note 7 review

Infinix Note 7 review

Infinix Note 7

Depending on storage options, Infinix Note 7 smartphone price in Kenya is in the region of 18,500 to 24,000 shillings. It runs on Android v10 (Q) operating system. The phone is powered by Octa core (2 GHz, Dual core, Cortex A75 + 1.7 GHz, Hexa Core, Cortex A55) processor. It runs on the MediaTek Helio G70 Chipset. It has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. This is the Infinix Note 7. The phone comes in forest green, black and Bolivia blue with a film screen protector, and a clear TPU case.


On the bottom compartment, there’s an 18 Watts charger, a micro USB cable, and a pair of earphones. It does support the infamous 4G band at 28. The front has a 6.95-inch HD plus IPS LCD with a 20.5 x 9 aspect ratio. On the top you have a punch hole that houses a 16-megapixel camera, a front-firing speaker in the middle, and we have a tiny blue led that only indicates when he charged her is plugged in.

The back has a 48-megapixel quad camera set up with quad flash and some Infinix branding. On the left you have a three in one tray that houses to 4G LTE nano sims and an SD card. The right side has a volume rocker and power button, which also doubles up as the fingerprint sensor.

On the bottom you have a second speaker, a micro USB port, a microphone, and a 3.5-millimeter headphone Jack. The Infinix note 7 is a tall and wide beastly phablet. The curve back and frame are made from plastic and the reflective color pattern kind of reminds me of prison except it’s not. It is not heavy in comparison to the size, but it is no lightweight either. The circle, camera layout, and lack of fingerprints sense, so on the back it gives it a premium appeal. On the front we have what Infinix caused infinity O display and this one is an HD plus LCD panel and that means YouTube videos are capped at 720P.


The AMOLED panel on the Note 7 looks a little too ‘contrasty’. Sunlight legibility is average but it is responsive to type on it goes without saying that this is a 200-use type of smartphone. Something to Note 6 has is that X pen but that doesn’t appear to be the case on the Note seven probably a deal-breaker for a lot of Notes fans but fingers crossed for a pro version with the stylus.

The Infinix Note 7 comes with 128 gigabytes of storage and six gigabytes of Ram. You get about 115 gigabytes of available storage. We’re running on android 10 with XOS dolphin version 6.1.0 slapped on top of it and with it came dark mode.

However, it doesn’t save battery life because it’s only an LCD panel. There are a few changes on the interface, the icons on the quick settings have changed. We get DTS sound tech for the dual stereo speakers. Life translates, which is great for note-taking. Having the latest iOS is cool, but a lot of the bloatware ads are still there. Most of them are delectable, but some are not. You get full master with X-height and app lock, social turbo which gives you some WhatsApp features. Kind of like GB WhatsApp used to. Do you get full gesture-based and navigation with adjustable sensitivity but the animation isn’t the smoothest.

Infinix Note 7 Cameras

Note series has never been a camera-centric one, but this phone packs the punch in its camera. We have a super night mode and although noticeably the lack of an ultra-wide-angle mode and the camera interface, but the main camera takes pretty wide-angle shots. The dynamic range is all right. The selfie camera is great outdoors, no overexposure.

The saturation looks just right. Maybe a little over-sharpening. But that would be nitpicking the portrait selfies map your face, okay, but not the perfect sense of depth because it’s only AI-based. By default the primary camera takes 12-megapixel shots and why it looks the sense the image processing on the 48-megapixel mode is a hell of a lot better.

Like night and day, the difference is so clear. This is the mode you should be using even though the size of the photo is 13 megabytes. The portrait mode on the primary camera does a really good job with depth sensing. Macro mode brings those dangerously close subjects in focus as for night mode. Well, it brightens the photo but it is way too soft. Indoors is where you know how good a camera is. Infinix Note 7 is one of the best mid-range cameras that I’ve ever reviewed. I’m seriously impressed. There is however, no front-facing flash on this phone, and screen flash makes you look wishy-washy at best. It records videos in 1080P for the front and back camera

What’s inside

We have an option to hide the notch. The Infinix Note 7 uses the Mediatek Helio G70 Octa-core CPU clocks are 2.0 gigahertz. If you’re not familiar with the Helio G series, the G stands for gaming. Helio G 90T was released first and it had a flagship-level gaming performance. The G70 is supposed to have a mind-blowing gaming performance as far as mid-rangers go. It is a huge leap from the Helio P35 CPU of the Note 6 and the benchmark scores in our classes the likes of the Snapdragon 675 CPU on the Galaxy A70 and Exynos 9611 on the Galaxy A51.

Infinix Note 7 review

It’s not every day Infinix puts all their weight behind the CPU and this translates into a very smooth experience for your everyday tasks, messaging, social media, and multitasking. This phone’s fingerprint sensor is super-fast the best fingerprints scanner ever seen on an Infinix phone. Face unlock is less secure and it works even in pitch darkness. It also works when you’re facing sideways, so if you don’t want someone else to unlock your phone without your permission, don’t set it up. The Note seven boasts of dual speakers.


Now, Infinix Note 7 is powered by a huge 5,000 mAh power battery. This one falls on the battery-based category and it should get you through a full day or two days of use if you are a light user. It takes two hours and five minutes to charge from zero to a hundred percent using the 18-watt fast charger that comes in the box and the charging speed is not too shabby for a battery of this size. It would have been a perfect all-rounder to have a 1080P display and USB type C, but ultimately it is hard to conclude the Infinix Note 7 without knowing the price.

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