News - 13/03/2020

iPhone 12 may include a 3D ToF rear camera

iPhone 12 may include a 3D ToF rear camera

Apple has been working on implementing a ToF camera for a couple of years now. Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted that it would arrive in 2020 at the end of 2018 . We still have six months to see if his prediction was right. But these six months may stretch considering the effect corona-virus has brought about so far. But still we await Apple iPhone 12 with the expectation that it could include a rear camera with ToF technology. 

Techyangu does not have precise details on the exact models that’ll feature this novelty. But we can confidently place bets on the two Pro models. Keep in mind that this year’s line-up will give four models namely: iPhone 12, 12 Max , 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. The camera is one of the main features that sets the iPhone Pro apart. Take for example. In 2019 there were three cameras (wide angle + normal + telephoto) on iPhone 11 Pro compared to two (wide angle + normal) on the base iPhone 11.

Sources reveal that the supplier of the module might be Lumentum. Lumentum is the same company that developed the front 3D camera of iPhones from the iPhone X onwards. This front 3D camera is the one used for biometric authentication of Face ID.

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