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Gaming - 24/01/2020

Rocket League To End Support for Linux and Mac

Rocket League one of the best arcade sports games to come out in the last decade, will end it’s support on Linux and MacOS devices in march.

“As we continue to upgrade Rocket League with new technologies, it is no longer viable for us to maintain support for the macOS and Linux (SteamOS) platforms. As a result, the final patch for the macOS and Linux versions of the game will be in March. This update will disable online functionality (such as in-game purchases) for players on macOS and Linux, but offline features including Local Matches, and splitscreen play will still be accessible. If you purchased Rocket League for Mac or Linux on Steam, the game will still work with full functionality when installed and played on a computer running Windows 7 or newer.”

If you’re running Rocket League on a Mac, you can try using Apple’s Boot Camp tool. Likewise, Linux users can try using Steam’s Proton app or Wine. While Psyonix recommends these workarounds in its support post, it should be noted that none of these are officially supported by the company.

You can find a list of all offline features that should continue to function as normal on macOS and Linux after the final patch below:

  • Local Matches
  • Split-Screen Play
  • Garage/Inventory
    • Your existing items will not be removed from your inventory.
  • Career Stats
  • Replays
  • Steam Workshop Maps
    • These must be downloaded before final patch.
  • Custom Training Packs
    • These also must be downloaded before final patch.

Below is a list of all the online features that will no longer work after the final update.

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