News - 22/03/2020

Samsung developing a massive 1″ 150 MP camera sensor

Samsung 150MP sensor,

Rumor has it that Samsung the South Korean is currently developing a 150 MP sensor that it will launch later this year. Samsung is the only vendor making 100+ megapixels sensors. This sensor will be a massive – 1″ comparable with the Sony RX100. It is noticeably larger than the 1/1.33″ ISOCELL Bright HMX that was the first 108MP sensor. 

108MP sensor of Galaxy s20 Ultra

This 150MP sensor will use nonacell pixel binning tech (9-in-1), resulting in 16MP shots. This is an increase from 12MP shots that we saw/see Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra take. Sources also say that Oppo and Vivo will make use of this sensor in early 2021. It is Xiaomi that is expected to be the first to use it. And it had to be Xiaomi in Q4 of 2020. We look forward to this.

iPhone 12 may include a 3D ToF rear camera
iPhone 12 may include a 3D ToF camera

Read about how Xiaomi tested its 108MP lens from space by following this link. Also find out what iPhone 12 might include with its new camera setup here.

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