News - 27/02/2020

Selfie-sticks, why you do not see them anymore

Where did selfie-sticks go?

Selfie-sticks, why you do not see them anymore

Gone are the selfie-stick days

If I was writing this article on selfie-sticks say 4-5 years ago it would be so exiting. Everyone everywhere owned, or at least wished they owned a selfie-stick. It had become a must-have especially for those just about to graduate from uni or college. If you know, you know! But have you noticed how distinct, how out of style, how, now, you almost never see anyone anywhere with this stick anymore? This got me thinking, what really happened to the selfie stick? How is it, such a popular gadget would go from 100 to 0 so quick? Well, the answer is simple. And it is this:

Wide Selfie happened 🤳

Okay, before you go any further, here is a riddle. “The selfie-stick could serve some of my purposes. I am a v-logger’s companion. Who am I?”  Find the answer by following this link CDI Gadgets. Wide Selfie, what is it? Business class 101. Supply and demand. A need foe group photos arose and someone supplied the selfie stick to address the same. But when smartphones manufacturers saw this, they integrated a camera mode called Wide Selfie. It basically fits in more faces into the selfie the same way selfie-sticks did. Before anyone knew it, selfie sticks were being faced out, and fast.

wide selfie
Hopefully you will get what I have attempted to demonstrate here

What then?

This is the reason selfie-sticks are so irrelevant these days? The truth is, we got rid of them without even even taking notice. The moment smartphone manufacturers had the “sticks installed within,” we adapted very quickly and moved on without them. What then shall we say to this? Well, the selfie stick has served its purpose namely, to remind as that in life you you needs must be relevant. Catch up it if you must. Remember even the mighty selfie-stick fell. And how great its fall was.

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