News - 20/02/2020

Water Resistance on Smartphones – Useful feature?

water resistant smartphone

Of the many features smartphones come with these days I find that there is none as underutilized as water resistance. The code IP-68 rates the degree of protection provided by smartphones against dust and water. The protection offered hereby is up to 1.5 meters and just for 30 minutes. You stretch any longer or sink it any deeper, you will have a dead phone by the end of it.

Well, the feature is not entirely useless as this article might have implied. We must allow that sometimes accidents do occur. Your phone might fall inside soup while you eat for example or inside a pool or sink or wherever. Such happen. What I mean is, very rarely will you find anyone immerse their phone in water for the mere fact it has water resistance.

At this point I will ask you who has a water resistant smartphone; when was the last time you dipped your phone in water compared to say, the last time you listened to music on its in build stereo speakers? Or when did you submerge it in water to justify all that money you pad for it? Or, has your curiosity ever lead you to test how very water resistant your phone really is after all? I highly doubt it.

unsure emoji We all love our phone. And no one, I mean absolutely no one wants their phone near water at all.We wouldn’t even want a tiny drop of rain to come into contact with our phones – water resistant or not. Therefore, before you spend all that money to buy a phone with “water resistance” think again. If you can answer these two questions then at every rate go for it. How useful is water resistance in smartphones? And how regularly, if at all, will this feature benefit me? That is it for now.

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